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TikTok Marketing 2020: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads

Watch us break down the TikTok system, design ad campaigns, & grow a brand new account to 10k followers in 30 days

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LTV Magazine by Adjust

LTV magazine by Adjust is full of expert advice and growth hacks for mobile marketers. In our third edition, learn from leading brands like BCG Digital Ventures, Credit Sesame, Headspace, Ludia, MercadoLibre, Mirrativ, Otto, Viber and more about how to improve your campaigns and drive results for your business.

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TikTok Marketing for Brands

Unlock the power of TikTok marketing for your brand with Socialinsider's newest release. TikTok Marketing for Brands is a complete step-by-step marketing guide that covers everything you should know about this fast-growing platform and how to promote your brand and business.

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eBook: The Power of Influencer Marketing in China

Nativex's eBook outlines how important KOL (key opinion leader) marketing is in China and why this strategy needs to be part of your marketing mix. Learn more about how to define a KOL’s popularity and how the model works, and check out exclusive KOL case studies.

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How Yoke Network drove 1 MILLION installs through TikTok influencers

Become a TikTok Influencer CPI Master by: 1) "Influencer creative freedom" 2) Weighting influencer campaigns 3) Tracking installs and measuring organics

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